We Stand With LFUCG Sanitation Workers

A few months ago, LFUCG sanitation workers represented by AFSCME Local 4468 signed their first ever union contract with the city. In this agreement, the city and the workers stated their shared understanding of what the terms and conditions of employment were to be moving forward.

Unfortunately, since then the city has ignored this contract. Workers have been denied paid sick time and forced to work a ton of overtime. This has lead to workers getting injured on the job. Sanitation workers do dangerous, grimy work without which our society would fall apart.  They deserve a say over their working conditions.

The sanitation workers are taking their objections to this unjust treatment to the Urban County Council and have reached out for support from all quarters of Lexington.

Kentucky Workers League has answered this call and in turn calls on our members, supporters, all working and oppressed people, and all enlightened elements of the middle class and bourgeoisie to support the struggle for justice of the Lexington sanitation workers.

Come rally with us at 5:30 pm next Thursday, September 24th at 200 E. Main Street in Lexington!  RSVP on Facebook here.

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