KWL Salutes Raise The Wage

KWL sends our congratulations to the working class forces who have been pressing the urban county council to raise the minimum wage these past 8 months. We know that without a struggle, there is no progress. Although our mutual enemies among the flip-flopping false friends on the council and the organized forces of the restaurant owners were successful at watering down this victory, we celebrate the impact the wage increase will have on the lives of workers in Lexington and its surrounding communities.

KWL continues to be dedicated to our same mission: organizing the unorganized. If the restaurant workers of Lexington were as well as organized as their employers, we likely would have seen a different minimum wage bill that was higher and included tipped employees. If we elected Socialist workers to the halls of power, we wouldn’t have to rely on politically unreliable businesspeople whose interests are more in line with the restaurant owners than with the tipped employees.

We recognize that the goal of organizing a powerful movement for the kind of world our people deserve is a long way off, but we are in this for the long haul and recognize that other folks in our community are too. Forward!


Photo credit: Matt Goins, Lexington Herald-Leader

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