Building a Tenants Union in LEX

We have some good news from our Lexington Tenant Organizing Project (LexTOP). It is succeeding, but it needs your help to get to the next level.

Through six weeks of tough winter canvassing, our comrades have given full play to their style of work, showing courage in their efforts and getting outside their comfort zones to meet tenants literally where they live. This work has been successful in three ways:

1) Enthusiasm for combatting Lexington’s affordable housing crisis and building independent working class organization has allowed us to recruit volunteers who have never done work for KWL before.

2) We have begun the painstaking process of establishing links with tenants who are unfamiliar with us and our politics.

3) We have begun to identify bad actors among the landlords, who through their own mistreatment of their tenants have made themselves weak to attack.

These developments have laid the groundwork for us to take LexTOP to the next level, making our goals for March: 1) to consolidate our links with our existing tenant contacts; and 2) a make strong push to establish links with all tenants who rent from some particularly bad landlords. If we effectively meet these goals in March, we will be in a position to start calling mass community meetings of all the tenants of certain landlords in April or May.

To meet these goals, project organizers are seeking to recruit 10 volunteers every Saturday for the first three Saturdays in March. Comrades will be meeting at a North Lime Coffee & Donuts at Noon on Saturday, March 5, Saturday, March 12, and Saturday, March 19. We’re making an appeal for all KWL members and supporters who are physically able to sign up for a couple hours of canvassing (with a knowledgeable partner) on one of these days. You can do so ton the linked Google spreadsheet.

If those dates don’t work, we need more people to come get trained on the data management piece of it. We’re also experimenting with putting together some weeknight dates later in March. If you’re interested in either of these please email kentuckyworkersleague at gmail dot com or message us on Facebook.

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