Ladies’ Arm Wrestling!

Ladies, gentlemen, comrades, on September 24th at Al’s Bar an event will unfold that will echo throughout the ages. The Kentucky Worker’s League is putting together an end of the summer celebration that has something for everyone.

Not only will there be live music (Damned African Descendants, Everything’s Eventual [Band], and more!)

Not only will there be liquids to imbibe, not only will there be festival games, but there will be … hand to hand combat.

Start pumping some iron, ladies and femmes! Get your squad together to find out WHO is Lexington’s Champion Lady Arm Wrestler!

This event will benefit Nerd Squad and Roses from Concrete. Nerd Squad is an outreach organization dedicated to inspiring the next great minds by bringing to life Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Roses from Concrete is a teen run, non-profit organization created to support talented youth through poetry; they’re committed to raising the voices of teens all over Lexington.

Save the date, get strong. Register below using our handy PayPal link!

Click Here To Register!

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