Why Red Friday?

Q: What’s with the baked goods!?
A: We love baked goods and we love workers! (We also are mostly workers. #selflove) It’s a small gesture but a gesture we hope breaks up your stressful work day and brings a smile to your face. Kentucky Workers League (KWL) wants you to know you’re worth so much more than the dollars you’re being paid and the profit you’re creating for your bosses! We know you’re working hard. We appreciate you.

Q: What is Kentucky Workers League?
A: We are a local socialist political organization. We’re a group of diverse individuals working to create a fair and just world. Our basic motto is “Fight the Power and Serve the People.” Picture ‘the Power’ as your bosses, regional managers, CEOs, corporate lobbyists etc. Now imagine ‘the People’ as you, your neighbors, friends, coworkers and all working people. KWL loves the People because we’re part of the People. You can find out a little more about us here.

Q: Why Black Friday?
A: We like to call it Red Friday (more on that later). Black friday is the busiest shopping day (actually two days) of the year. It follows (and occurs on) Thanksgiving, the one day of the year Americans are supposed to be celebrating what they’re thankful for with family, friends and loved ones. If you’re working Black Friday you might feel like Thanksgiving is really more about shopping and consumerism. You shouldn’t have to miss out on this holiday just to sell things you won’t even profit from. That’s not fair.

Q: So why call it Red Friday?
A: Red is really just a reference to socialism. It’s kind of a tradition. Plus it kind of goes with a lot of festive holiday decor.

Q: What’s the point really?
A: Seriously KWL want’s you to know that money is not a measure of your worth. Your value as a person can not be measured in dollars. I know that’s the message we’ve been taught since well forever but there should be more meaning to your life than just paying bills and buying stuff. We’re not big fans of capitalism.

Q: Ok that sounds totally nice and all but what does that mean to me after I eat theses cookies?
A: Currently KWL is involved in a lot of social activist events and running multiple community projects. Besides spreading this lovey dovey message, this post explains what we’re doing right now in more tangible real life ways and explains how you can be involved. Do you want to volunteer in your community? Do you need help with your boss? Want to talk about alternatives to capitalism? Are you curious about socialism? Are you curious about how to effect social change and unsure how to even start? Remember that Bernie guy dropping the Socialism word a lot? Are you feeling15095119_739649716182547_5535616698926691178_n a little antsy about the president elect? Here is some contact information. We’d love to hear from you.

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Holidays!

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