New Years Resolution: Let’s Change the World

Before we get to the nitty gritty of our New Year’s Resolution Let’s take a look at what we’ve accomplished in 2016.

  • LEXTOP, Lexington Tenants Organizing Project was kicked off and is still going strong.    
  • We stood in solidarity with Juarez in their months long fight with Lexmark.      
  • In March we held our first educational Red Talk with Dr. Fryman. We also stood in           solidarity at Trane during their strike for a better contract. We held our first Dues          drive.    
  •  We hosted guest speaker Omar Shamali who spoke of Palestinian politics in May.    
  •  We met with socialists in Philiadelphia for the Socialist Convergence as a counterpoint to the DNC.      
  •  Throughout the summer we tabled at Pride Fest, Roots and Heritage and Festival Latino.  
  • We organized and participated in the annual MAARCCS retreat over Labor Day weekend.  
  • August began our monthly radio show Power to the People with Lexington Community Radio.
  • In September we raised funds for two local community organizations Roses Out of Concrete and Nerd Squad in a Lady Arm Wrestling event.          
  •  We attended the Radical Philosophy Conference in November and met with some great minds.
  •  Kicking off the holiday season we shared baked goodies with workers during Red Friday. 
  • All during the year we also worked at the Village Branch Library with our Serve the People Project, hosted the Jacobin Reading group series, had many members come out to different marches and protests as demonstrators, march marshals, police liaisons, media liaisons and legal observers along with many other fun potlucks, cookouts and more.

We did some pretty great things in 2016!

In 2017 we’re gonna keep fighting the power and serving the people!  Our fight for a more just future is only going to intensify.  For starters, in January, many KWL members will be meeting in DC to protest the Inauguration, walk in the Women’s March on Washington and connect with many other socialists from across the nation. If you’re interested please contact us for further details.

To get much of KWL’s newly radicalized members prepared for the year we’re kicking off Camp Cadre. Camp Cadre we will be a series of workshops over two weeks. The workshops are intended to empower as many members as we can to not only participate in events and projects but to lead their own in 2017. Some examples of the workshops are  ‘Working With Kids/Intro to Village Branch’, ‘Socialist Strategy / Dual Power 101’,  and ‘Leading a Meeting’.  The first week will begin on July 30th and the second week February 16th. Stay tuned for more details!

Throughout 2017  we will continue to Serve the People: Village Branch Project,  Fight The Power:  LexTOP, and host the Jacobin Reading Group. We’re currently building a religious affinity group with an eye on eradicating the death penalty and have the beginning whispers of a disability focused affinity group. Our potential is only limited by our memberships imagination and capacity. Our next new members meeting will be January 10th at 7:30pm. 

So, really, our 2017 resolution is to continue our fight against capitalist interest in favor of our own humanity. 

Happy New Year!

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