About Us

The Kentucky Workers League (KWL) is an unapologetic socialist organization. We are non-sectarian. Our long term mission is to build a socialist political base in Lexington and the greater Bluegrass area through service and education projects.

We fight for tenants’ rights and provide assistance (legal or otherwise) to individuals struggling with their living situation. We are also organizing tenants more broadly to establish a tenants union (see our page for LexTOP). Contact us if you ever need help fighting against a slumlord. There is power in numbers!

We also do educational work, covering topics from labor rights, feminism, anti-imperialism, national liberation struggles, and general leftist political history. We host regular teaching sessions dubbed Redtalks, and monthly film screenings – see the blog for past events.

To get involved with the KWL, first become a member and attend a new member orientation meeting – check the Google calendar on the home page or contact us via email for dates, times, and locations of meetings and events.

Membership comes with a small monthly donation – if you cannot afford the donation, send an email.

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